What We Do


Our mission is to provide you with quality and original tattoo art using advanced sterilization techniques, produced in a comfortable and safe environment by professionals.



For a premium result, at our tattoo shop we combine modern technics with traditional ones.



Want some extra holes in your body? Our piercing masters will make some for you.

Tattoo Cover Up


Got some old tattoos that you don’t find pretty? Our talented artists will cover them up for you.

Tattoo Design


Nothing can beat the challenge of creating a design that initially is only in your imagination.

Laser Removal


If you are tired of your tattoos, in our salon we provide a service of laser tattoo removal.



It`s very important to know all the key basics to care for your new tattoo.

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Contact us or submit the inquiry online or by phone.



We update our Gallery daily, check back here to see when the next showcase is scheduled.